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destiny discover

Use Destiny Discover to search for books
in the middle school library.
You can also renew your books from Discover:


-Go to Destiny Discover -Click log in at upper right -Click Sign in with google -You are now logged in to the catalog page.
Go to the 3 parallel lines at upper left -Click on "checkouts" -Click the renew button under the book you want to renew.

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JLG bookshelf for ebooks and audiobooks

ebook FAQs

Free online audiobooks for kids from Audible




How to place a hold on a book 


  • No food or drink in the library, please.
  • Bring a library pass from your teacher, with your activity marked on it.
  • Tell us your last name so we can find you on the computer. Your ASB card works as a library card also.
  • You can have 3 books out at a time. They are checked out for 2 weeks. The due date is stamped inside the front cover. 
  • Books are returned in the book drop in the middle of the counter or in the hallway bookdrop. Don't leave them on the desk or counter. .
  • You may renew books if you're not finished with them when they're due. Please bring the book with you to renew so we can stamp the new due date.
  • If you have overdue books, you can't check out any more books until you return or renew the overdue books.
  • You are responsible if a book you checked out is lost or damaged. It must be paid for before you can check out any more books.

If you have a lost or damaged book, you can have your privileges reinstated by doing one of the following:
1. Pay your fine
2. Pay at least $1.00 on your balance

3. Replace the book. This needs to be approved by the librarian, since the book may have already been replaced. To replace a book, it must have the same ISBN number (ask the librarian for this information) and be in new or like-new condition. You can often find a replacement on for less than the amount of your fine.

If you find your lost book and return it within 1 year from when it was lost, your money will be refunded. 

All fees must be paid to the office (get a slip form the library to turn in with it). Replacement materials can be brought to the library.  


 Reading Counts Books 
Reading Counts books have a colored dot on the spine. Choose one of those if you need a book with a Reading Counts quiz.

Types of Books in the Library

Fiction Books, by genre   Fiction books are not true. They are stories made up by the author.

  • Fiction books are arranged by the first 3 letters of the author's last name.
  • Fiction books are arranged by category -- adventure, animals, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, scary, humor, realistic, historical and sports. They are alphabetical by author in each section. They have a genre label at the top of the spine, and if you look up a fiction book in the online catalog it will tell you where to find it: MYSTERY-FIC COB (genre and first 3 letters of the authors last name)

ADVENTURE: Outdoors, survival stories • pirates, spies, etc. • lots of action • may take place in past or present
MYSTERY: Detective stories • mysteries to be solved • clues, puzzles, etc. • murder?
SCI-FI/DYSTOPIA: Usually set in future • space travel & other planets • aspects of science + tech • disaster, plague, post-apocalyptic • super-humans, aliens, time travel, and clones • dark
REALISTIC FICTION: Contemporary (mostly) • issues + problems • stories about family, life in other countries • romance/relationship/love stories • contemporary war stories
HISTORICAL: Set in past • may deal with historical events • war stories • also realistic fiction set in distant past
ANIMALS: Fantasy or realistic • animals are the main characters or main element in story
SPORTS: Stories about sports and athletes
FANTASY: Set in past or medieval-like world • dragons and magic • fairytale retellings
HUMOR: can be realistic but not so serious • Diary of a wimpy kid series, Unfortunate Events series • Light hearted fiction
SCARY: Witches and ghosts • zombies, vampires, and werewolves • scary story collections • Paranormal & supernatural 

Nonfiction Books

  • Nonfiction books contain true information. There are many different types of nonfiction books.
  • They are arranged by numbers from 000 to 999, such as 651.44. Underneath the number are the first 3 letters of the author’s last name. They are shelved by number, and then alphabetically
  • The numbers stand for categories of books, such as Sports, Animals, or Countries. This number system we use is called the Dewey Decimal System.


  • Biographies are true stories that tell the story of a real person's life.
  • They have a B on the spine label followed by the last name of the person the book is about.

What are Young Adult books?
Our collection of books is top notch and full of variety, and we add new books to the collection every month. Due to the fact that we have students ranging from about 9 to 14 years old, we keep a wide range of books for all grade levels. Some books that are appropriate for seventh and eighth graders may not be for fifth and sixth graders. To help with this matter, our library is putting YA stickers on young adult books (those that are recommended for ages 12 and up.) Parents can easily open the book and see if there is a YA sticker next to the date due slip to make sure it is appropriate for the younger readers. Children mature at different rates and have different backgrounds and interests. We need parents' help to monitor what their children are reading. Hopefully the YA stickers will help. Our library does a wonderful job of meeting the needs of all our readers!
Library Computers 

  • Four library Computers are available to take Reading Counts quizzes or SRI tests as well as for doing homework or other school assignments. You may use them at recess or lunch, as well as when your teacher sends you with a pass. 


Thank You, Hubert D. Smith Jr!


Who is Hubert D Smith? Hubert lived here in Newport, attended the local schools and graduated from Newport High School. In the days he attended school the library was housed in closets and various classrooms, containing materials that were old and of little interest to students. He loved books and libraries, and left a bequest that has benefited many Newport students and will continue to do so in the future. He gave one million dollars to the district, half of which was to be used for scholarships for students who wanted to be teachers, and half to be used for library books for Newport’s K-12 students. This generous gift allowed two new libraries to be created, one at Stratton Elementary and one at Sadie Halstead Middle School. This money also allows us to buy many new books and research materials every year. Thanks to Hubert Smith, we have a wonderful middle school library full of new books and current material.

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